Because Only Together We Can

We exist to provide relief, cultivate restoration and model reinvestment in our communities

Who We Are

We help our community achieve self-sufficiency through education, employment and economic development and advocacy.

LPCDC is a community-based, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization that focuses on three aspects of community development: youth development, family development, and economic development.

Our Mission is to provide the setting for community members to engage in the process of change, which results in the overall transformation of their lives and their community.

With a track record of success in dealing with community-wide issues, such as joblessness, gun violence, illiteracy, and education – LPCDC is ready to use its reach, resources, and network of community partners to transform the face of our communities.

Our Approach

Core Principles That Help Our Community Development Projects Succeed

Community Engagement – For any community development project to succeed, a project must have the support of its community, right from the start. At LPCDC we development programs, events, and activities to grow community engagement?

Leadership – Not only must each initiative have community buy-in, it must also have one or more leaders—those who champion the effort from day to day and whose job it is to make sure it succeeds. At LPCDC we help develop leaders for various project.

Collaboration – A successful community development project isn’t the work of a single individual or even a handful of people; it takes a village to bring a project to fruition. Knowing how to collaborate and with whom to network to build a successful team is a critical part of any community development project. At LPCDC we research which organizations are the best collaborative partners for our initiatives.


Evaluation – At LPCDC we build a strong project plan that clearly articulates your intended goals and outcomes. We find out more about today’s data-driven decision-making environment and tools, and its impact on business planning.

Adaptability – At LPCDC we rely on the support of our donors to finance our projects.  As any veteran of this work knows, projects rarely go as planned. People move, missions change and funding sources dry up. But that doesn’t mean good initiatives need to be canceled or put on hold.

Restoration – Reconnecting an individual to the transformative power of community and opportunity. We gather in community because no one is meant to journey alone. Greater opportunity for all is significant because everyone has a purpose.