Mental Wellness Seminar

Mental Wellness Seminar

8:30 AM – Saturday, November 12
Dealing with Emotional Issues
Hosted by The Eubank on Wellness Team

LPCC & CDC Website Every 2nd Saturday LPCC offers a free Mental Wellness Seminar. Medical and industry professionals deliver insightful and relevant information and resources to our LPCC Community regarding our mental wellness topic. These Saturday morning seminars are absolutely free and are open to all.

November – Dealing with Emotional Issues.

Do you avoid conversations, and situations and sometimes ignore problems rather than solve them? Negative emotions like rejection, low self-esteem, or fear of failure can stifle your forward progression in life.   If you are dealing with emotional issues and want to manage more effectively, then this session is for you.


Nov 12 2022


8:30 am - 10:30 am

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