Public Health Practices and Disabilities

“Persons with disabilities” is a vague designation that might not always be understood (1,2). Persons with disabilities are persons with limitations in hearing, vision, mobility, or cognition, or with emotional or behavioral disorders. What they have in common is that they all experience a significant limitation in function that can make it harder to engage in some activity of daily living without accommodations or supports (3–5).

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The Importance of Intent in the Healing Process

I am a scholar and practitioner of Qigong, an ancient Chinese healing practice in which intent plays a key role. You cannot open a Chinese language book about Qigong without finding an entire chapter on yi, intent. One of the first sayings that I learned when I was studying Qigong with a Chinese instructor was yong yi ling qi, “use the mind-intent to direct the qi, the healing energy. “ Another common expression is yi dao, qi dao “when the intent arrives, the qi arrives.”

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